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If you have automatic garage doors, you need to know that there are many details that can fail. So you need to know something about each of them to solve the problem. If the door does not work properly and you want to call the garage door repair service, then you should be aware of malfunctioning parts. You need to at least have an understanding of garage door installation procedure.  The brackets  These are the pieces that make marks on the walls of the garage so you can open and close the door. Over time, the brackets may become weaker and you need to tighten them. On the other hand, they should be replaced if they are broken, damaged or crushed. This type of garage door repair is not very complicated and will not take long.  The tracks  It is recommended that parts be inspected regularly. These should be aligned and aligned accordingly. The rails are located on the sides of the door and should be at the same height. If the rails are not aligned, loosen the screws without removing them and touching them in the correct position. When you reach the level, tighten the bolts and screws.  The rollers  These are the most mobile parts that can accumulate dirt and grease and therefore do not work as they should. You should clean the rollers and lubricate with powder and spray. 

Garage doors installation.Worker installing lifting system in metal profil with screwdriver

Hinges and repairs  You should know that loops are one of the most important parts. They absolutely need to be stuck to the wall. The occurrence of cracks is possible, in which case you should prioritize the fill.  Problem with sensor  The most modern ones have two sensors, one on each side. The door does not work anymore if something bothers one another. Clean the sensors to make sure they are working properly.  Problems with the power supply  One of the most common types of garage door repairs is electricity. Often, the mechanics of working the system is not a problem, but the motor does not receive or has little energy. For example, this may be due to a simple problem that the device is not connected. On the other hand, make sure that the circuit breaker and fuse are functioning properly.  Not Operating Properly  There are many problems with opening and closing the system. For example, some are not completely enclosed. This may be because the switch needs to be adjusted. This may also be due to a line break. In some cases, the overhead doors close, but when it falls to the floor, it opens immediately. This is probably due to the closing of the limit switch. Adaptation can solve this problem. If the door stops and does not close, this may indicate that something is blocking it or that the forced switch must be set.  Repairing garage doors is not too tricky if you know what you are looking for. Therefore, you must know the physical parts along with the electrical parts. If you do not know where to start, this will cause problems and you will have to call a garage door repair personnel. Always contact the garage door repair Houston service when you need door repair services.