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I think it’s pretty funny that Thanksgiving, a day meant specifically to be grateful for all you have and everyone in your life, is followed by Black Friday, a day literally filled with greed, selfishness, and buying materialistic things. It is truly amazing how crazy and irresponsible people become on this very day starting from the early morning before the sun rises til almost all products are bought off the shelves. Drivers are more reckless than usual, people are more irritable than usual, and people couldn’t care less about anyone other than themselves on this day. How do people so drastically change from being thankful for all they have to becoming someone who buys everything they can even though 9 times out of 10 they don’t actually need the item. It is a crazy idea and personally I have never been into Black Friday shopping because it was just too hectic and I didn’t understand the process of going out to buy things that you didn’t need just because they were going on “sale”.

Anyway, back to my point of this being a crazy day because of the people who were driving all around the city to hit up every sale they could find, this also meant that many reckless and rushed drivers were not paying full attention to the roads. This led to many accidents all throughout the city. It happens so instantaneously and many people aren’t aware of the dangers of reckless drivers on the road even during the day. I was driving on the highway and noticed a van driving unusually slow for the highway but just thought to myself that maybe there were many kids in the car and the driver wanted to ensure safety. However, as I was passing by them I saw very clearly that the driver was not paying attention to the road at all and was using her phone with both hands while driving a car full of kids. This was insane. Driving while texting with one hand is dangerous enough but this crazy lady was using both hands! Within seconds of noticing her and driving past her, I noticed she got into a car accident. I pulled over and went over just in case they needed a witness and wanted to make sure that the cops were aware of her reckless behavior. Fortunately for her, the people in the car were not hurt and towing experts were called to the location within minutes of the accident. The towing company was called and although they were the best towing service in the city, they were quick and helpful. The car that got rear ended, thankfully, was not too damaged and didn’t need to go to the shop immediately. However, her van’s bumper did seem a little unstable and was towed away. This incident was a good reminder for me to always stay focused when I’m on the road because being able to notice her unusual driving pattern from behind and moving away from the car helped me avoid being involved within that accident myself. Be sure to check out for the quickest and most affordable towing services!